What is Google BERT?
Google BERT is a neural network-based technique introduced by Google for natural language processing (NLP) per-training. The BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.
In a nutshell, Google BERT will help Google understand the nuances and context of words better when typed in the search bar. Hence, it will deliver better related results and will also impact featured snippets.
How does BERT affect SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy here specific keywords are utilized in order to bring more traffic to your website and increase your visibility (how high you rank) in search results.
Google BERT definitely has an impact on SEO. It brings major improvements to Google’s algorithm and its search results. For starters, websites targeting irrelevant SEO keywords will be looking at reduced traffic.
Many websites follow the unethical practice of “keyword stuffing,” where a lot of irrelevant keywords are used just to increase traffic on the website. A lot of popular keywords are used out of context, and tons of irrelevant content is posted.
However, with BERT, Google better understands the context of your words. Hence, irrelevant sites will no longer show up in your search results. Google punishes websites using “black hat tactics” like “keyword stuffing” and may remove the website from search results altogether. Hence, it is important to use SEO responsibly.

The usage of long-tail keywords that take natural language into account should be used more often, as they will deliver better results.

Why Black Gambit?
Black Gambit is a team of marketing wizards with a lot of experience in digital marketing and SEO services.

With the introduction of Google BERT, it is much better to consult a professional marketing team for your SEO requirements. Sometimes, irrelevant keywords or words with a double meaning are used unintentionally, and this could result in lower traffic and maybe Google penalizing you.

Black Gambit uses different SEO tactics like usage of long-tail keywords which guarantee increased website traffic and a higher ranking in Google search results.