B2B email marketing to build awareness and preference, and generate cost-effective leads and inquiries.

We use B2B email marketing to focus on creating and sending content that educates rather than pushing a direct offer that entices to buy or try your product. We make sure to focus on the problem solving aspect through the communication via email, before moving on to the selling part, which can be done subsequently.

Whether its Lead Generation emails or Re-engagement emails, we create a well-structured welcome email campaign to build a successful email marketing strategy. We help educate your prospects about your brand and gradually build a relationship with them before you start to push promotional offers to them.

Our Service Basket

  • – Email Design
  • – Content Production
  • – Strategy and Campaign Optimization
  • – Email List Growth & Management

Email Marketing is here to STAY

“For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.” – Experian