ABM Marketing Black Gambit
What is ABM?
Account-based Marketing or ABM is a marketing strategy where key business accounts are marketed to directly, using a personalized approach. It is not the same as the general “one-to-many” approach typically used by most companies. High-value accounts are identified and targeted, using different marketing channels to appeal to their specific needs. These high-value accounts contribute the most to your bottom line and targeting them with personalized marketing is a surefire way to increase revenue.
Around 85% of marketers will agree when it is said that using ABM Marketing tactics increases revenue more than any other marketing practice. Since 2016, more than 70% of companies have started increasing and improving their ABM Marketing plan.
About Black Gambit
Black Gambit was founded by B2B Marketing wizards and is a company focused on delivering excellence. Operating in the USA, Dubai, and India, it is a marketing company that believes in results and generating revenue. Using proven marketing methods and technologies, Black Gambit is dedicated towards increasing your revenue and boosting your sales.
In the current business environment, technology and marketing methods are always evolving. This constant change is noted at Black Gambit and new technology and innovation is embraced.
Why use Black Gambit for ABM services?
Black Gambit works to identify high-value prospects and clients and delivers a pitch specific to their requirements. The foremost aim is to increase your revenue, and not just bring about vanity metrics. This is achieved by delivering highly targeted marketing campaigns that outperform generic, non-targeted marketing approaches in every single way. High-value prospects are shortlisted, and key decision-makers within these companies are targeted.
A meticulous and detailed approach is used from the start, from the planning and ABM strategy phase right up to the reporting phase. This is what makes Black Gambit better than other B2B Marketing services. By aligning marketing goals with your business goals, we are dedicated to get results, and meeting your strategic goals.